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GoBible - the MP3 Audio Bible for people on the GO !
Available in 13 English Versions and 18 other languages including
Arabic Bible - Burmese Bible - Cantonese Bible - Farsi Bible - Hindi Bible - Indonesian Bible -Japanese Bible - Khmer Bible - Korean Bible - Mandarin Bible - Maori Bible - Nepali Bible - Russian Bible - Tagalog Bible - Tamil Bible - Telugu Bible - Thai Bible - Vietnamese Bible
(some are New Testaments only)
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The MP3 Bible for People on the GO !
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Frequently Asked Questions
About GoBible
1: Can I choose which book of the Bible I want to listen to on my GoBible?
Yes you can - the books are loaded in Bible order, so it is easy to toggle to the book you want to listen to.
2: Can I turn my GoBible off, and come back later to where I left off?
Yes you can, your GoBible will “remember” where you stopped.
3: Can I turn to any verse in the Bible and start listening from there?
When using the standard model GoBible, it is not possible to turn to an individual verse. Each book starts at chapter 1 verse 1, except Psalms, which is divided into 50 Psalm segments.
The GoBible Traveler starts from your choice of chapter; the Voyager from your choice of verse.
4: How long will my GoBible play for before it needs recharging?
About 6-8 hours.
5: How long will my GoBible take to charge?
Using the USB cable plugged into your PC, about 6 hours (overnight is fine, but remember to leave your PC switched on!). The 230v. charger takes a bit less time.
6: Can I purchase more than one version of the Bible for my GoBible?
Yes you can, for a small additional payment.
7: Can I delete or change the files on my GoBible?
Yes you can (except GoBible Xtra, Traveler and Voyager), by dragging and dropping the files in Windows Explorer on your PC, using the USB cable provided.
8: Can I play the GoBible files on my PC or on any other MP3 player?
Yes you can - any MP3-compatible hardware - including many DVD players - will play the GoBible files on your GoBible (exc. GoBible Xtra, Traveler & Voyager)
9: Is GoBible available in other languages besides English?
Yes, we currently offer Maori, Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese, Arabic, Farsi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Telugu, Burmese, Nepali, Khmer (Cambodian), Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Tagalog and Hindi (New Testaments only). Other languages are constantly under development, please ask for a specific language not listed.
(click here to listen to samples of most languages)